Choosing a project manager




What does a project manager do?


A project manager schedules and coordinates your build to ensure it progresses efficiently and safely.

What are they responsible for?

Having a great project manager means you only need to deal with one person and they’ll take care of everything else. The project manager is deemed to be the Lead Contractor or PCBU and they are responsible for everything that happens on site. It’s their job to manage the construction processes and all personnel as well as ensuring the right equipment and materials are available. Typically, their responsibilities are to:

  • Manage the project to ensure it finishes on time and within budget
  • Work closely with specialists such as the architect and engineer
  • Comply with the building code and safety regulations
  • Hire and manage labourers, subcontractors and tradespeople
  • Ensure all subcontractors deliver quality work, to the agreed scope of work
  • Ensure the right amount of tools, equipment and materials arrive on site when needed
  • Manage delays and find the best solutions for any unexpected issues or emergencies
  • Keep the client up to date with progress on site and compared with budget

Do I need a professional to do the job?

A build might require a great number of tradespeople including plumbers, electricians, glaziers, earthmovers, scaffolders, roofers, bricklayers and stonemasons. Some might even need specialists in things like stair manufacturing, traffic management, asbestos removal and hydraulic engineering. The project manager needs to ensure each subcontractor is on site at the right time and with the right materials. Hiring an expert means you’ll benefit not only from their expertise and experience, but also their well established relationships with subtrades whose workmanship they know and trust.

All this planning takes quite some time, even well before the build actually starts. For example, during some stages of the build we could spend a few hours each day involved in site meetings, coordinating sub trades and arranging materials.

Why work with Qualitas Builders?

Qualitas Builders will take responsibility for your build from the ground up and will manage all aspects of the construction, materials and managing sub trades. Bryce has over twenty years experience in the building and construction industry and is a Licensed Building Practitioner and NZ Certified Builder. Qualitas Builders has a solid reputation built on the highest standard of knowledge, skills and expertise and our work is fully guaranteed with HALO, our 10 Year Residential Building Guarantee.