Add an ensuite to your bedroom


Add an ensuite! Add value to your property. 

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A new ensuite will reduce the bathroom rush. Enjoy the peace and quiet in your beautiful ensuite.

Adding an ensuite will not only make it easier to get out the door on time, but will also add value to your property. Weekday mornings are hectic enough without the whole family having to share one bathroom. 

How can I fit an ensuite in?

An ensuite doesn’t necessarily need a huge amount of room. In fact, if you have a 1x3 metre space, you can add an ensuite! This is enough room for one person to use it at a time, with a shower at one end, a toilet at the other and a central basin.

Convert or extend?

Start by thinking about the space you already have in your home. You may be able to carve space from a good-sized master bedroom, convert a large walk-in wardrobe or cupboard, or steal space from an adjoining room.

If your rooms are already on the cosy size but you have space outside, you could add an extension. While this is more expensive than renovating an existing space, it has the potential to considerably raise your property value. Regardless of whether you convert or extend, we recommend seeking professional advice from an architect or designer.

Maximise the space

No matter how much room you have to work with, you’ll want an ensuite that feels calm, relaxing and spacious. Follow our tips to open up your ensuite and make it feel roomy.

  • Opt for a wall hung toilet and vanity to maximise the floor space.
  • Wall mounted taps keep surfaces looking clutter-free and allow for a narrower sink and vanity.
  • Small tile can look busy, so use a large format tile for the illusion of more space.
  • For a cohesive look, take your tile right to the ceiling and tile the shower.
  • Choose a frameless glass shower screen to give an unobstructed view through the bathroom.
  • If space is tight, a cavity sliding door system is your best option.
  • A large mirror will open up the space and reflect light.

The practicalities

  • Good ventilation is essential to avoid mould and mildew.
  • A skylight and windows placed above body height will add natural light without compromising your privacy.
  • Opt for epoxy grout; it’s extremely durable, non-porous and stain proof.  
  • Choosing a channel grate gives you more placement options and, because it lies flush, has a cleaner look.

Don’t forget storage

In a small ensuite, look for storage opportunities that won’t impede into the space. A large medicine cabinet recessed into the wall and concealed behind mirrored, handle-free doors gives storage without sacrificing any space. Make sure to include recessed niches in the shower and beside the bath as well. It’s a good idea to measure the height of products you regularly use to ensure they’ll fit.

 Ready to start planning the ensuite you’ve always dreamed of?

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