Tips for renovating your home

Tips for renovating

Kiwis love to renovate! Follow our tips to make the whole process of transforming your home a little easier.

Are you selling or staying?

If you’re renovating for profit, it’s important to make decisions that will appeal to the wider market. Consult with an experienced real estate agent and do your research on other homes in the area. Spend wisely to ensure you reap the rewards and don’t overcapitalise.

When you’re renovating to make your home more comfortable or add more space, your focus will be different. If you’ll be in your home for years to come, you may be happy to overcapitalise in the short term in order to have the house you want.

Plan, research and make decisions!

Planning your renovation is not only exciting but really essential. The time you spend researching, consulting with experts and looking at materials, designs and ideas will save you time and money later. Have Pinterest boards so everything is just a finger tap away.

While we can talk you through situations that come up on the job, most issues and delays are related to decisions on things like paint, taps and fittings. Not making final decisions before work starts can have a flow on effect if time is spent discussing changes, delivery is delayed and contractors need to be rescheduled. 

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Consider moving out 

Most people live in their home during a renovation since moving out adds considerably to the cost. However, if you at least spend some time away, you’ll appreciate the break from living in a construction site. When staying on site, set up a clean and comfortable place to retreat to.

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